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We got to play with the Dwarven Forge kids. They're the best.

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Holy shbadoinkle. We're playing SXSW for the kids at Dwarven Forge!




Today is a sad day as it marks the passing of one of Metal--nay, Rock n Roll's greatest frontmen: Dave Brockie. Dave Brockie passed away this morning at the age of 50. That's way too young for an immortal demigod to go out. Vile, crass and all points in-between, Dave taught us that swords on stage are a necessity, metal can be heavy on the ridiculous and that jazz songs do belong on metal albums.

As I write this, I realize that I've been listening to GWAR for 20 years. They've been around for 30. And throughout their tenure they've taken the envelope of what you can do with music and pushed it into the nethersphere. They continuously modified their stage show in order to remain politically and culturally current (not to be confused with relevant) and regularly murdered any and all they saw fit. They made their own series of B-movie music album videos featuring other heroes of mine, like Jello Biafra and lampooned all things for the sake of lampooning. Did you know that they have their own miniatures game as well? Naturally, the minis are metal.

Three true stories about GWAR:

1. The first time I saw them, I saw a man in a red GWAR shirt and told him I liked it. He told me that he'd had it for years and that it used to be white.

2. Back when CD's came in an environmentally unsound cardboard longbox, I tacked America Must Be Destroyed to my bedroom wall as a makeshift poster. This triggered my parents to have a brief conversation about the music I was listening to and the message found therein. I guess they thought I was going to become a terrorist. I explained that it was all satire and the song itself was nothing but audio samples of Black Panthers and Oliver North. Good thing they didn't ask for an explanation of "Rock and Roll Never Felt So Good". 10 years later, my mother would call me out of the blue to tell me that "I heard on the radio that that band you like is playing a show next month".

3. My wife is not a fan. She was kicked out of a GWAR show for hitting a security guard when he wouldn't do his job and secure things, like people's safety. I was in the pit and completely unaware. She spent the remainder of the show on the curb, markedly upset. Bear in mind that we didn't have cellphones and there was no way for me to know. A KNON DJ gave her a flower and wished he could help. I convinced her to go to another show where they opened for the Misfits. She finalized her disdain for the band when they played jump rope with Elvis' corpse's entrails.

In '99, Dave was supposed to be on the set of Citizen Toxie, but unfortunately he was unable to get to NY. So, the only time I ever got to speak with Dave was at the Housecore Horror Festival where I asked him how Fort Worth was. He made a gagging gesture, shoving his finger down his throat and said, "Terrible. Terrible".

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And we also interviewed with The Dallas Observer!
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We are slated to play the Dallas premiere of The Knights of Badassdom (featuring LARPing and Tyrion Lannister) at the Texas Theater!

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Sadness and Joys

It is with great sadness that we announce the demise of resident fighter Vato Cray. Vato Cray was a founding member of The Hack and Slashers and has been through many adventures. In his place, we found a phase shifting wizard monk by the name of Instant Lee. He's pretty great and will be joining us for the Heroes of Asfar 20th Anniversary

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Join us at the DoubleWide Dallas for Int'l Tabletop Day - March 30th!

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